What Is Cosmetic-Dentistry?

Having a beautiful smile is important to many people, as it not only gives them more confidence in their appearance, but also more confidence in their everyday lives as well. With a booming cosmetic dentistry industry, more and more people are curious as to what kind of treatment they can get nowadays to improve the look of their teeth.

Cosmetic dentistry covers all kinds of dental treatments that are not primarily to do with improving the function of the mouth, but more to do with improving the aesthetics of it. Treatments often focus on ameliorating the look of the teeth, and some are more time-consuming and costly than others.

One of the most popular types of treatment – and one of the most affordable – is that of bleaching. This type of treatment is used to whiten the teeth, and involves the application of a chemical product in order to achieve a white and bright look. One of the reasons that this is so popular is that many people believe that whitening their teeth gives them a much nicer smile.

Although there are many teeth whitening products on the market, this type of affordable cosmetic dentistry can prove exceptionally effective compared with shop-bought whitening products, and also comes with the added benefit of being carried out by a trained dental professional to ensure safety and best results.

In addition to those who invest in this kind of treatment purely to perfect the look of already great teeth, this whitening treatment is also a viable option for those whose teeth have been stained significantly by certain foods, drinks and tobacco products, as well as those who have teeth that discolor easily for hereditary reasons.

Another common and affordable cosmetic dentistry option is veneers, which are fine slivers of plastic or porcelain which are placed on the front of teeth to change their appearance. These are often used to treat teeth that have been chipped or have an uneven surface, or those that need a correction in regards to the shape or colour of the tooth.

For this kind of treatment, it is required to visit your dental practitioner who will take an impression of your tooth in order to custom make a veneer for it. The veneer will be cemented to the tooth, and then the dentist will proceed to gently buff the tooth in order to bring it back to an appropriate and comfortable thickness.

Crowns are an alternative to veneers, but are a less affordable form of cosmetic dentistry treatment. Crowns are actually caps that cover the tooth, altering the shape, the color and the appearance of the tooth in question. Although they are more expensive than other options, these generally last a very long time, so may be a worthwhile investment for a long term solution.

As an alternative to using veneers and crowns to alter the appearance of a tooth, it is also possible to ask your cosmetic dentist to actually reshape or contour your teeth. This kind of treatment is often done to make small changes, however, although the major advantage is that it will be permanent.

This kind of treatment is ideal for those with chipped teeth who would like the edges of their teeth smoothing, or those whose teeth are too long and possibly affecting the healthy function of their mouth. Any dentist who offers this kind of treatment will carry out thorough scans in order to determine whether this option is the right one for you.

There are many different types of cosmetic dentistry treatment available, many of which are highly affordable. These all aim to correct the appearance of different aspects of the teeth, including the color, shape, form, size and irregularity of teeth, leading to a more beautiful smile and even improved function of the mouth in some cases.

Factors to Consider in Choosing a Family Dentist

In choosing your family dentist, the first thing to consider is his mastery of his profession. Not necessarily decades of experience but rather, how good he really is with his job. Your dentist must be special enough to handle all the dental needs of the family – children, teens, adults, seniors. With a family’s conflicting schedule, it makes life a little easier to simply have one dentist for the whole family.

The terms “family dentistry” and “general dentistry” are interchangeably used by many people. Although both typically perform the same dental procedures, general dentistry lacks the intimacy that the family dentistry builds with the patient.

Choosing your family dentist can be time consuming, a bit frustrating and will require a little research. In order to land the perfect candidate, you have to look at several factors in order to succeed in your search. Being the careful and responsible patient that you are, the first on your list of requirements should be to find someone that you are comfortable with. Don’t limit yourself to one choice only. Interview, explore, ask your friends for recommendations. With your list in hand, start weeding out names that will not work. Once you made your choice, try gathering feedback from his other customers or from his colleagues. Make sure to go over his professional background and don’t hesitate to get into a discussion with him. In this way you’ll learn more about him and decide whether he is the one you need to hire or not for your family.

Consider also the location of his office. Nothing can mean as much as convenience when it comes to getting yourself and the kids back and forth to appointments. It can be tiring if there’s a need to commute a long way between your work office, the kid’s school and the dental office. Most often than not, you won’t be able to keep those necessary appointments. A comfortable and relaxed environment should be what’s waiting for you inside the office. Dental visits are a kid’s worst nightmare. Why not ease that fear with a comforting atmosphere and a friendly waiting room and staff. With this kind of environment, it will be easier for you to get them to their appointments.

Don’t forget to weigh the cost. Make sure that you can afford it. If you find the office too much of a financial stress, walk away and find someone else within your budget without compromising quality standards. Sticking up to high-priced office might cause you to miss much needed appointments for financial reason. Consider also the services they offer. Something might come up in the future that needs many different services and it really pays to know if the office already offers all or most of them. But if you find the office lacking in some services, find out if they already have a list of several providers for you to choose from.

Taking the selection process seriously is a must. Like your family doctor, they will be caring for you for years. You’ll find that learning as much as you can ahead of time, can be helpful in making the right decision.

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Is Cosmetic Dentistry for Real?

Did you know cosmetic dentistry is not recognized as a formal specialty by The American Dental Association. Traditional or general dentistry focuses on things like oral hygiene and treatment of oral diseases. It deals with the diagnosis and treatment of various disorders affecting the gums and teeth. Cosmetic dentistry, on the other hand, is concerned about improving the look of a person’s teeth and smile. Essentially, the term “cosmetic dentist” is a marketing term. It helps many dentists position and promote themselves as experts in improving your smile.

Your general family dentist provides services typically associated as cosmetic dental services.

When Do You Need Cosmetic Dental Services?
Are you unhappy with your smile or teeth? Do you have broken, stained or missing tooth? Do you have chipped or rough teeth and unsightly fillings? Then you probably need the services of a cosmetic dentist.
You should be very careful in choosing a qualified cosmetic dentist. Some dentists will have more experience than others in the type of dental procedure that you need.

You can start by consulting your friends, neighbors and family members who have undergone cosmetic treatments. You can even ask your regular dentist for some recommendations. And before finalizing, look at a few things like the experience of the cosmetic dentist, what kind of technological tools are being used, do they offer emergency or extra services etc. You will now be able to make a much better decision.

Cosmetic Dentist Specialties
Some of the things a good cosmetic dentist will be able to do for you include:

  • Inlays/Onlays: These are also known as indirect fillings. They are made from porcelain or other composite materials and provide long lasting filling of the teeth.
  • Porcelain Veneers: These are ceramic shells applied to front of the teeth of hide cracks, overlay gaps etc.
  • Dental Crowns: Caps which are used to repair teeth which are very badly damaged or decayed. Teeth Whitening: The professional teeth whitening services that you will receive from your dentist will give you much better results than over the counter teeth bleaching products.
  • Dental Implants: These are artificial tooth replacements for missing tooth.
  • Composite Bonding: Composite or tooth bonding, is an excellent way to fix cosmetic and structural imperfections in the teeth. Dental bonding can repair cracked, chipped, and discolored teeth as well as replace silver amalgam fillings. Cosmetic bonding can also repair misaligned teeth, providing a straighter, more uniform smile.

If you are looking to improve your smile, consult with your general dentist first. You may be happy to discover that he offers many of these same services generally classified as “cosmetic” for less than you would pay for someone advertising themselves as a “cosmetic dentist”.

The Role General Dentistry Can Play In Your Life

The importance of taking proper care of your teeth can be emphasized by the fact that they are involved in the most basics things we do like speaking and eating. To make them stay forever and avoid getting artificial teeth later in life, stick to a regular check-up routine.

There are so many things about our body that we are unaware of. Like not many people know that teeth are the strongest thing in a human body. It sounds surprising but it is true. Consider this; no other part of our body can withstand such harsh treatment. Teeth are constantly working, throughout our lifetime, yet ideally they are meant to last for a lifetime, but do they? A large number of people over 65 years of age do not have their natural teeth intact. The biggest reason for this global decline in dental health is modern day lifestyle.

It was only a 100 years ago that popular usage of toothpastes started, before that people used more natural means to keep their teeth clean. Habits like improper routine, increase of junk food intake, aerated drinks, smoking and drinking alcohol, especially wine on a regular basis have been diagnosed prime reasons for the decline in the aesthetic value as well as health of teeth. Despite of the advancement in dental care products, an unprecedented rise has been seen in the number of people suffering from one or the other dental condition. Consequently, there has been an equally outstanding rise in the number of General Dentistry clinics.

Dental services should not be treated as only a compulsion and only in cases when you have encountered a dental ailment. They should rather be treated as preventive measures, so that you do not have to deal with any dental trouble at all. Therefore regular visits to the dentist become essential for the well being of your mouth. There are so many benefits of visiting a dentist on regular basis. In every visit, your mouth will be checked for accumulated germs in the form of plaque, which is the root cause of many gum diseases. Delayed removal of plaque can give this sticky substance the time to develop into tartar, which is difficult to remove by means of cleaning and is very harmful for tooth health. At general dentistry clinics, you can not only get preventive services like cleaning or fluoride treatment, but also some restorative services too.

Many people confuse general for family dentistry, though there is a slight difference between these two. Some general dentists specialise in treating patients of a specific age group for example there are kids only clinics dealing only with kids’ dental issues, but a family dentist will look after your entire family’s dental needs. Whether you choose to go to a family dentist or any other, professional care is absolutely necessary for people of all ages. If you can prevent dental problems in the very beginning, you will be spared from the discomfort of going through advanced dental treatments like root canal, dental implants and dentures which will cost you much more than regular check-ups.

About Family Dentistry

“Smile and the world smiles at you”, so says an old and popular saying. Such is the importance given to the appeal of a smile because it radiates happiness, pleasure and joy from the giver of the smile that the lucky recipient or receiver can’t help but share in the same positive energy and aura. A healthy state of mind, a good mood and positive conditions are essential in making people break into easy smiles. We all aspire to be happy and content and we want to convey such desirable status through our smiles. But there’s one thing we can also achieve to make us not just smile but acquire the perfect smile: a good set of teeth.

Notice that it’s more pleasant to watch people with good, healthy set of teeth smiling and in contrast, observe, too, how people with teeth impairments or imperfections are, more often than not, timid with their smiles, or how some even give out ” toothless smiles” (mouths closed). But it is really within our control to have the perfect smile by taking good care of our teeth. And the best thing is we don’t need to go through all the effort that goes into taking care of our teeth alone as we can seek the expert help and guidance of our dentists. This is where the importance of family dentistry comes in.

Family dentistry offers a wide variety of services related to the general maintenance of oral hygiene and the health of our teeth. Family dentistry is also similar to general dentistry except family dentistry caters to a wider range of patients from children to adults.

Some of the most basic services family dentistry provides are: regular teeth cleanings and fluoride treatments thereby ensuring plaque build-up around the teeth is controlled and contained to bare minimum; elimination of tooth decay; filling of cavities so that the gums may remain healthy. These basic services are considered preventive measures in order for patients to avoid being vulnerable to graver teeth conditions that may require surgery and other more serious procedures that may require the expertise of an orthodontist.

Maintaining good oral conditions also affect our overall state of health, that is why it is important to secure the help of family dentistry for us to be educated on dental health.

Regular check-ups and consultations with family dentists are highly recommended, with a minimum of two visits a year.

Having established the importance of consulting family dentists in maintaining our overall good oral health, it is likewise necessary to keep in mind that the choice of family dentist is just as essential. First, the family dentist should be someone of good reputation with a competent and reliable dental track record. It’s better if our choice of family dentist is someone highly recommended by our relatives, friends or colleagues.

Second, it is also highly necessary to consider that we must be very comfortable with our chosen family dentist, especially for the one who will check on our children. A preliminary visit to the clinic of the family dentist is advisable.

Third, since we need to consult with the family dentist on a regular basis, it is a good idea to choose someone with good reputation and track record from within your local community or city for easy accessibility.

The costs of maintaining good oral health with the help of family dentistry, especially if we expose our children early to proper dental care, are not expensive but the rewards for having healthy and beautiful set of teeth are priceless: the ability and the confidence to flash vibrant and lovely smiles that can win us many friends and admirers.